Purposeful Discourse in Large Groups

In the last decade, a variety of methods has developed to enable the management of group discussion involving many dozens, hundreds and even thousands of participants. These discussions make it possible to exploit the wisdom of crowds to obtain a significant improvement within a short time.

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Gush Katif Community Recovery – Dissertation Abstract

"There is a solution for each Settler"-

Community Aspects of Gush Katif Evacuees Rehabilitation.

This study is about the rehabilitation process of displaced communities.  It shows:

-The nature of the communities in routine and emergency situations

– The ways of dealing with government agencies and civic organizations at disaster events.

– The nature of complex human systems.

To the abstract: "There is a solution for each Settler"- Community Aspects of Gush Katif Evacuees Rehabilitation.

About Shay Ben-yosef

Shay Ben-yosef Ph.D. – Navigating Complexity.

Consultant & Facilitator to communities, Networks, Groups & Organizations.

My mission is to promote self organizing, facilitate productive relationship and common values; for developing better human systems.

Era of interest: Complexity, interaction of community-NGO’s & Governmental organizations, Community development, Emergency management, Disaster recovery.

This is my site. I work mainly in Israel and have lots of professional information for consultants and community organizers in Hebrew.

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Also, you can download my CV here: shay by cv.

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mail: shayby1@gmail.com


מצגת לכנס jerucss08 presentation- jerucss08

 הנה המצגת שלי לכנס jerus08 העוסק במורכבות ונערך בימים אלה בירושלים. במצגת אני מראה כמה ממסקנות הדוקטורט שלי בנושא שיקום קהילות.

לקריאה נוספת:

Complexity approach to conflict analyzing & conflict resolution

Here is my presentation at Jerucss08 conference September 2008.

I'm presenting some conclusions from my PhD research on community recovery.

The research was based on qualitative perspective to social networks dynamics.

It's conclusions are drawing a pattern which can be seen as a model of 'Social Fractal'.