Shay Ben-yosef: PhD, Sociologist, Navigating Complexity.

Senior Organizational Development Consultant

 Teaching at:  Tel Aviv University, Recanati Business School Organizational consultant M.A program.   , The Hebrew University of Jerusalem NGO's management M.A. program,

My mission as Consultant and facilitator is to assist people to organize, develop relationships and culture, to promote initiatives and actions to achieve common goals.

In this context I engage in consulting, facilitate and training processes in the following areas:

–   development and change processes in complex systems (organizations, networks and communities).

 – Large Group Interventions,  creating 'Value networks', 'Wisdom of the Crowd' implementation.

–  Developing partnerships and participation, promoting dialogue, handling conflicts and consensus building.

 – Community Development – initiatives, community resilience, social capital and social networks, activists and volunteers.

–  Organizational resilience, Emergency management, Disaster – preparation, assessments, response and rehabilitation.

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Community Development by the Complexity Theory